BodyEarthDeepening awareness into and energizing your body’s center gives you many gifts: vitality, pleasure, confidence, compassion, creativity, intuition, and sense of purpose.

Essentially, you’re igniting your soul-power. You’re coming home to yourself, and that puts you at the center of your world. Yet rather than being self-absorbed, you’re self-fulfilled. The experience of self-fulfillment allows you to sense your kinship with creation.

Kinship with creation? Here’s what one woman shared following a particular experience in a BodyEarth workshop:

As I opened my eyes after being the Dancer in the Dancing with the Touch of Wind exercise I found myself looking out through the picture window and saw the fir tree out there. My fingers were the tree’s fingers. The tree’s light green needles at the tips of its branches were like fingers, my fingers.
— Elaine

Your sense of kinship with creation affirms your intimate connection with the web of life. You know, in your gut, that what happens to another creature is also happening to you. It’s not just that redwood tree that’s being logged for decks on second homes; it’s not just that river that’s being trashed by a factory’s waste stream; it’s not just that sky that’s being clouded by weather-modifying chemicals. It’s your tree, your river, your sky. Their fate is not separate from yours.

A question then arises: How do we live our lives in ways that protect them?

That’s one of many questions to explore in the developing Deep Body, Deep Earth program.

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