Deep Body, Deep Earth

Deep Body, Deep Earth is a sequence of body prayers cultivating our sense of kinship with the natural world, a practice in spiritual ecology.

The 23 moves in this 12-minute sequence — drawn from yoga, tai chi, and qigong — activate the Source Energy abiding in our body’s center. In sequence, the moves animate a narrative celebrating the intimate connection between our bodysoul center and Earth’s center, between ourselves and all creation.

The story infuses each move with meaning. For example, these words narrate the practice’s final two moves:

• Heaven and Earth •
We sink down, feeling Earth respond to our
deepening trust and guardianship with
ever more generous support.

We raise our arms, feeling sky respond to our
gratitude and praise with
ever more generous blessing.

Our bodysoul center exchanges intelligence
with Earth and sky.
• Alignment •
Aligning Earth center, bodysoul center, and spirit,
we invoke the consecration
of our planet home.

As this practice opens us to live more and more through our body-centered consciousness, our senses come alive to the natural world. We live into authenticity, the self-assurance that allows us immersion in nature’s reality. In this experience of connection, we feel our belonging, our reverence, our relationships of reciprocity.

The first video below pairs the Deep Body, Deep Earth narration with figures illustrating the sequence of gestures. The second video illustrates the Rite for Invoking the Sacred Feminine, the narration I wrote before developing Deep Body, Deep Earth.

Join me — a seasoned movement educator — in learning and practicing Deep Body, Deep Earth at your own pace. (Read how participants have responded to my teaching here and here.)

Connect with me to tell me your questions, and to receive guidance for your learning process. I look forward to hearing from you!

NOTE: I offer these videos only as illustration, not instruction — only for viewing, not for learning or practicing. You’ll find the necessary pointers for safe and meaningful practice in my book, The Woman’s Belly Book: Finding Your True Center for More Energy, Confidence, and Pleasure.