How You Will Know That I Come In Peace

You may think that we are different:
          even the way we blink our eyes
          moves to a different rhythm.
Yet when we look into the sky at night,
          it is the same, simple moon that we see.

Our bodies, I believe, are a gift from the stars:
          Stars showering particles of light and sound
          brought the earth into being
                 and the substance of who we are.

How could we be anything but kin?

But when you see me coming,
          how will you know that I come in peace?

I'll clothe myself in the colors
          of your own beauty;
I'll speak to you in the rhythms
          of your own singing;
I'll touch you with the tenderness
          of your own heartbeat;

And I'll breathe with you in the pulsing
          of our planet's love.

© Lisa Sarasohn 2013