Visual Art

BodyEarthCut-paper collages convey the resonance of self and world, body and earth, when we deepen our awareness into and live through our body’s center. These images illustrate body prayers, available in sequence in The Rite for Invoking the Sacred Feminine.

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Additional illustrations include:

ogreatmysteryO Great Mystery,

may I know my
body as kin to
the trees,

rooted in earth
reaching to sky,

generous gift of
wisdom, grace


Body Earth • Planet HomeOur bodies are a gift
from the stars. Stars showering particles of light and sound brought the earth
into being
and the substance of
who we are.
How could we be anything but blessed?

Our bodies are a gift
of the earth — soil, water, mineral, seed. Fruit and flower,
leaf and root
feed our passions.

This planet holds us
to her light-speed arc of love.
Body earth, planet home:
curves are very good.