BodyEarthBodyEarth: nourishing your relationship — body and soul —with earth and sky, fire and water, tree and mountain, bird and breath.

What is the body in which you live?

Our bodies are personalized packets of cosmos. We live within the world; the world lives within us.

In the words of 16th century poet Kabir:

Put the brimful jar of water upon the ocean—
water is inside, water’s all around.
Don’t give it names and confuse yourself
with “this” and “that.”

An intimate relationship between self and world: Sure, it’s a nice idea. But thinking isn’t enough. The idea alone will not heal us, it will not save us.

How do we go deeper than thinking, even deeper than feeling, into undeniable knowing? How do we experience our unity with the world — directly?

Such a direct, immediate realization is necessary if we’re to know, in our bones and in our blood, that our personal survival and our species’ survival absolutely depend upon the integrity of our natural environment. We must experience our kinship with creation as surely as we experience our need to breathe.

How do we experience our kinship with creation? Through the resonance we sense between our own precious bodies and the body of the world: deep body, deep earth.

We live into our kinship with creation — we experience resonance between body and world — by deepening our awareness into our body’s center, by living through the vitality of our body’s center. BodyEarth introduces you to this body-centered life force as a power for healing humanity’s relationship with nature.

Through poetry, image, creative non-fiction, performance, movement arts, and experiential learning, we beckon you to embody your sacred relationship with your natural environment. In doing so, we pray that we may each heal ourselves, our communities, and our planet home.